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Twin Cities



Twin Cities is an interactive film set between London and Hong Kong featuring dancers from the Hong Kong Ballet and Tavaziva. Narrated by Clare Perkins, the 10-minute piece tells the story of two dancers who despite their differences face identical challenges in the pursuit of identical dreams. Commissioned by the British Council, Twin Cities is a poetic ode to the special relationship between the communities of London and Hong Kong aiming to provide a glimpse into each landscape and diverse culture through the eyes of a dancer.



Jevan Chowdhury, Director

Beth Cinamon, Executive Producer, Tavaziva

Septime Webre, Artistic Director, HK Ballet

Jonathan Nguyen, HK Executive Producer

Bawren Tavaziva, Artistic Director, Tavaziva

Yuh Egami, HK Film Direction

Asmara Cammock, UK Dancer

Clare Perkins, Narrator

Zhang Xuening, Hong Kong Dancer

Isabel Williams, HK Production Manager

Chelsea Li, HK Senior Producer

Andre Lionachescu, UK Cinematographer

Louise Pau, HK Art Director

Alicia Newing, UK Project Manager

Joe Gwynn, UK Web Design and Development


  • UK Artistic Director Jevan Chowdhury
  • UK Executive Producer Beth Cinamon
  • HK Ballet Artistic Director Septime Webre
  • HK Executive Producer Jonathan Nguyen
  • UK Website Design and Development Joe Gwynn


  • Lead DancerAsmara Cammock
  • Lead DancerZhang Xuening
  • NarratorClare Perkins
  • Asmara’s MotherJenni Cammock
  • Zhang's MotherDebbie Wong
  • Tai Chi MasterSimon Lo
  • HK ToddlerTsang Sum Ching Bello
  • HK FatherTsang King Ting
  • Child’s FatherDrew Mark
  • Young ChildCameron Mark
  • Man on StreetChris Orr
  • HairdresserAuntie Sweets
  • FriendJenna Anne Nathan
  • FriendEvie Oldham
  • FriendGrace Pino
  • FriendCrystal Gou
  • FriendClara Fiedler
  • FriendNiki Davies
  • FriendAlessandra Merlot

Hong Kong Production

  • Senior ProducerChelsea Li
  • Production Manager Isabel Williams
  • Art Director Louise Pau
  • Cinematographer Kayla Tong
  • 1st Camera Assistant Allen Chen
  • Production Assistant Muvah Aaron Kanagbo

UK Production

  • Film DirectionJevan Chowdhury
  • Project ManagerAlicia Newing
  • Production ManagerElisa Mussi
  • CinematographerAndrei Lionachescu
  • 1st Camera AssistantMarta Garcia
  • EditorJevan Chowdhury
  • Mobile Fixer/GripGreg Kozicki

Hong Kong Ballet

  • Lead DancerZhang Xuening
  • Executive DirectorHeidi Lee
  • Film DirectionYuh Egami
  • Ballet MasterLuis Torres
  • Company ManagementSarita Chan
  • Company ManagementSabrina Cho
  • DancerAmber Lewis
  • DancerYang Ruiqi
  • DancerAlbert Gordon
  • DancerMa Renjie
  • DancerJonathan Spigner
  • DancerKim Eunsil
  • DancerNana Sakai
  • DancerWang Zi
  • DancerFeng Jingyi
  • DancerPaola Rihan
  • DancerKai Kanzaki
  • DancerNatalie Lu


  • Artistic DirectorBawren Tavaziva
  • Executive DirectorBeth Cinamon
  • Rehearsal DirectorRichard Pitt
  • DancerDakarayi Mashava
  • DancerHarriet Waghorn
  • DancerAndre Kamienski
  • DancerFreya Harris


  • Kepler by Frikstailers
  • New Feelings by Titan Sound
  • In Silence by Wildnis
  • To Wake Her Gently by Fjodor Music
  • Rileys Waltz by Adam Skinner, Dan Skinner & Randall Breneman
  • Pianos on Grand Street by Kolby Wade
  • Efévresi by Kevin Matley

Special Thanks

  • MTRAndrew Mead
  • MTRCheng Kwok Wai
  • MTRAnna Chan
  • Network RailKathryn Muffett
  • Network RailJames Blanchard
  • New London ArchitectureBenjamin O’Connor
  • New London ArchitectureJonathan Gabb
  • Kings Cross EstateLucy Greene
  • Kings Cross EstateClaire Burgess
  • Wilfrid Wood Art GalleryWilfrid Wood
  • Five Guys Kings CrossAntonio Garcia
  • Hidden Depths Canal CruisesBarbara Lightfoot
  • London Borough of LambethPaige Neilson
  • City of LondonJoanna Burnaby-Atkins
  • City of Westminster
  • London Borough of Southwark
  • Sky Plaza Peckham
  • Khan’s Bargains
  • Addis restaurant
  • Ko Shan Theatre
  • Madam Hong
  • PALA
  • Star Ferry
  • Sunny Hair Salon
  • Pau Family
  • CreateHK Film Services Office
  • Leisure and Cultural Services Department